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This website is for course materials for courses that I am currently teaching, or have taught in the past.  Here you will find course information, notes, lab assignments, lecture recordings, etc.
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NDSU 1987 1988 Graduation pranks
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND Graduation 1987 Part 1 & 2, Graduation 1988

A team of Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduates (EEE) secretly create a robot that crashes the graduation ceremonies. The robot with the blow-up doll was brought into the field house (gym) inside a cardboard box which was placed next to the band instruments. At the right moment (during a very important speech blah blah blah) it was driven out of the box and right in front of the podium. Helga, the blow-up doll was over inflated and blew up with a bang :-)

The 2nd year we knew security would be extra tight, so the blow-up doll was placed high up on a catwalk near the ceiling the night before. When lowered, it was right before the speaker's podium :-)

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