These courses are discontinued.  They are shown here only for archival purposes.
Course number Course title Semester Offering
CST1605 Document Management Discontinued
CST1620a C++ Programming (Using C++) Discontinued
CST1620b C# Programming (old book) Discontinued
CST1641 Advanced Java I Discontinued
CST1642 Advanced Java II Discontinued
CST1752 Introduction to Diagnostics 14th ed Discontinued
CST2510 Introduction to Diagnostics 15th ed Discontinued
CST2512 Introduction to Input/Output 15th ed Discontinued
CST2514 Advanced Peripherals 15th ed Discontinued
CST2601 Visual Basic I (VB6) Discontinued
CST2603 Advanced Peripherals 14th ed Discontinued
CST2613 JavaScript (Benusa) Discontinued
CST2614 Advanced HTML (Benusa) Discontinued
CST2641 Advanced Java I (Benusa) Discontinued
CST2856 Introduction to Input/Output 14th ed Discontinued
ENGT1011 Introduction to Manufacturing Systems Discontinued
MMDT1511 Business of Multimedia Discontinued